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Interesting new framework for interpreting human reaching motion

New paper published by PhD candidate Harry Eberle. “Integration of Visual and Joint Information to Enable Linear Reaching Motions” Abstract: A new dynamics-driven control law was developed for a robot arm, based on the feedback control law which uses

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Publication: Zombie mouse in a Chinese room

We have a new publication in Philosophy & Technology entitled Zombie mouse in a Chinese room. Abstract John Searle’s Chinese Room Argument (CRA) purports to demonstrate that syntax is not sufficient for semantics, and hence that because computation cannot yield

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PT-AI Oxford Presentation

Mark Bishop of Goldsmiths College, University of London, in collaboration with Thomas Tanay, Slawek Nasuto, Matt Spencer, and Etienne Roesch, presented “Playing Hex with Aunt Hilary” at Philosophy & Theory of Artificial Intelligence in Oxford. Abstract here: Playing HeX with Aunt

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SMLC Bergamo 2013 Presentation

Matthew Spencer presented “Emergent representations from distributed interactive dynamics” at the Synthetic Modelling of Life and Cognition conference in Bergamo. Slides are available here: 2013-09 PT-AI Bergamo. Abstract is available here: SMLC2013 Abstract.

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