Welcome to the New Lecturers of BEL

As a part of  the academic investment programme of the University of Reading, the new lecturers of Brain Embodiments Lab, Dr. Etienne Benoît Roesch, Dr.Yoshikatsu Hayashi and  Dr. Evangelos Delivopoulos finished their internal training in this week together with new lecturers of School of System Engineering; Prof. Ying Zheng and Prof. Ingo Bojak and 40 new lecturers from different research field of  the University of Reading. This training is part of a multi-million pound project designed to strengthen key areas of research, helping to find answers to some of society’s biggest issues with the help of the academicians coming from well known universities of all over the world. We congratulate our new lecturers for their success on finishing the course and send our warm welcome to them. For the more information please visit the university web site.


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